Introducing the new Heatstar Phoenix MP

Thu 25th May 2017
Posted in Supplier News

The new evolution of ‘multi-pass’ swimming pool environmental control

Rob has specified HEATSTAR for over 90% of swimming pool applications for at least 10 years. The units are manufactured  in the UK are simple but effective and are supported by a dedicated aftersales and service team. The products are constantly evolving and Rob can now recommend the new Phoenix MP unit  with absolute confidence.

The new Phoenix MP substantially exceeds UK Building Regulations legal requirements for pool heat recovery systems and  the ‘Multi-Pass’ system enhances the heat saved from expelled pool room air to over 95%.

To enhance heat recovery efficiency the Phoenix MP features two plate heat recuperators utilised in sequence

After the expelled room air is passed through and exits the first recuperator, it is then passed through a second separate recuperator where yet more heat is transferred to the incoming outside fresh air. This Multi-Pass arrangement can enhance heat recovery efficiency up to 95%.

Offering all the energy efficient features of the Phoenix EC, the new Phoenix MP represents the uncompromised solution for the highest specification indoor swimming pools.