Rob Perry created Agua Caliente to fill a gap in swimming pool design for high specification swimming pools and spa’s. Most pool contractors have a design department but they often focus on what suits their particular skill base or whatever makes most profit. This isn’t always best for the client or particular project.

The deviation from perfection can be made worse when quantity surveyors look to reduce cost (for many reasons and often this is needed) but cost cutting gets applied to the wrong components of the job. We have all heard about the problem pools all around the country. Often these problems could have been avoided with quality design and careful ‘Value engineering’.

It has also become quite obvious that getting a swimming designer on board early will assist the rest of the design team and will produce a firm tender specification for all pool contractors to quote against. This reduces confusion and conflict when all contractors offer different quotes for different products.

Rob started out as a technical apprentice for Lister Diesels in Gloucestershire over 30 years ago. Listers were part of Hawker Siddley group back then and were at the forefront of heavy engineering. This apprenticeship gave valuable experience from design, test, manufacture, marketing and sales.

Leaving with a HNC in electrical/mechanical engineering Rob went on to work for several international engineering houses providing engineering support and sales support in mass production of animal feed systems, process control systems and filtration.

Rob eventually ended up at Bayrol, part of the Biolab Group (at the time) and focused on chemical treatment systems for commercial and domestic pools. Rob’s background an heavy engineering and process control made the job easy and it was clear when systems were falling short of perfection.

Working with most local authorities, a huge number of hospitals, huge leisure chains like David Lloyd leisure, Hilton, Whitbread, VIVA, Cannons etc Rob gained a massive amount of experience and became known for excellent trouble shooting and designs that worked.

Soon, Rob Started Advanced Pools and worked as senior partner/MD/lead designer for near 20 years. Over this time APS designed and built many high quality pools all over the country but mostly in london. APS worked with many of the excellent names in architecture and repeated worked for some of the very best main contractors.

A few years ago it became obvious that Rob needed to choose between time with the family (and play) and work. Contracting is an 18 hr a day job. Matt Hogg, who has worked as business partner with Rob for over 15 years, decided to take over the ownership of APS and add new energy to APS construction and Rob set up Agua Caliente…………..the rest is history.

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