London W11
Holland Park


Great family home in Holland Park.

This pool was designed for family use but with an airy feel to the room for sitting around, reading or relaxing. As always seems to be the case with our pools, natural materials were top of the selection list.

Studio Indigo interiors

STUDIO INDIGO were in charge of all the interiors and their perfect flair for ‘what looks right’ made our job easy, we just listened designed and installed.

Luxury London Swimming Pool Design

Working with Seacon Limited

Things were made even easier with SEACON as the main contractor. Team work is always top of their agenda and all trades were able to gel together and create a dream home.

The pool was chlorine free, natural stone finishes, excellent lighting and in our opinion, one the most aesthetically pleasing pools created in this part of London (credit for aesthetics goes to Studio Indigo).

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